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Meet Ben

Ben Sasse is a fifth-generation Nebraskan who fixes broken institutions.

When announced as president of the 130-year-old Midland University in 2009, Ben was 37, making him one of the youngest chief executives in American higher education. At the time, Midland was on the verge of closing. Since then, Ben's hometown college has been Nebraska's fastest-growing school four years in a row.

Ben regards the six summers he spent walking beans and detassling corn as core lessons in the value of hard work...

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  • April 04, 2014
    COLUMBUS — Ben Sasse characterizes himself as a 42-year-old non-politician who’s never ran for anything before in his life, but he isn’t letting that stop him from jumping right in with the big dogs. With 40 days left until the primary election, the U.S. Senate candidate stopped in Columbus on Thursday to have coffee with nearly 30 locals and...
  • March 30, 2014
    Ben Sasse says his Republican Senate candidacy voices "a full-throated affirmation of the American idea of a private sector" in both personal and public life, along with the need for "constitutional recovery." Sasse said he wants to focus attention at the local level rather than in Washington. Those who suggest that Nebraska's four GOP Senate...
  • March 27, 2014
    LINCOLN, Neb. — U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse has been called “Obamacare’s Cornhusker Nemesis,” but says Republicans need to do more than just bash the president’s signature program and call for its repeal. They need to offer alternatives. He says Republicans need to stop with the “worn-out talking points” and start putting families and...

Sasse on the Issues


Here’s what America’s premiere conservative publication, National Review, said on its cover about Ben: “Nebraska Republicans have an opportunity to do more: They can elect not merely a man who promises to vote for the repeal of President Obama’s signature policy achievement, but a senator who almost immediately would become one of the GOP’s most visible and articulate experts on the health-care law’s defects and the ways to replace it.”...

The Constitution

Ben Sasse knows that we here in Nebraska have far more to teach Washington, DC than Washington has to teach us. The Framers of our Constitution understood that wisdom flowed from the governed to the government—not the other way around. This is built into the structure of our Constitutional order in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, retaining for the private sector all powers not specifically granted by the people to the Federal Government.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment affirms the rights of Americans to protect their families and property. This right pre-dates Government and is inviolable. Ben will fight to protect this and our other most basic freedoms.

The Second Amendment unambiguously states that citizens have a fundamental right to "keep and bear arms" and that this right "shall not be infringed.”

Defending the Unborn

Ben Sasse is 100% pro-life, but it’s more than that—he won’t be merely a reliable pro-life vote in the Senate. He will be a champion for the unborn, actively working to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Debt and Deficits

Our national debt now stands at more than $17 trillion—and with our unfunded liabilities, the real number is more than $70 trillion. The problem with our Federal debt is not a lack of revenue. The problem is an addiction to spending by unaccountable politicians.

Religious Liberty

We live in a country where the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Catholic nuns, must sue the government in order to continue caring for the sick and elderly poor. That's outrageous.

Thanks to ObamaCare, this President has placed the liberal abortion agenda over the religious obligations of millions of Americans. Those who believe in the sanctity of life are now required to finance the death of unborn children.

Marriage and Family

Ben believes marriage is between one man & one woman, and that the family is the foundational unit of society.

Ben will oppose all federal government initiatives that undermine the family's ability to flourish, nurture, and educate children. 

National Security

The primary role of the Federal Government is to protect our citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. The United States should continue to maintain the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. Federal spending should reflect these priorities. 

Jobs and the Economy

Ben knows that the government does not create jobs - businesses and local communities create jobs. The way to get a real economic growth agenda is by rolling back the regulatory state and letting job creators go to work.


Agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska’s economy. Ben grew up as a kid being bused out to his aunt and uncle’s farm to walk beans and de-tassel corn, and even today, he says that those were the most formative jobs he ever had in shaping his character. Our Nebraskan towns, made up of farmers and small business owners, built the schools, churches, and communities that made our state great.


The Federal Government's primary responsibility is to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic. The American people are not safe unless we know who is entering and leaving our country. Neither Party has been willing to get serious about border security, dating back to the mid-80s when a Republican president agreed to amnesty in exchange for promises of securing the border later. It never happened.