He knows that it’s not just enough to be a good vote. We need leaders on constitutional issues.  Ben knows the importance of scaling back the size of the federal government, which is welcome news to all law-abiding gun owners.

Tim MacyVice Chairman of the Gun Owners of America

With Sasse, however, Nebraska Republicans have an opportunity to do more: They can elect not merely a man who promises to vote for the repeal of President Obama’s signature policy achievement, but a senator who almost immediately would become one of the GOP’s most visible and articulate experts on the health-care law’s defects and the ways to replace it.

National ReviewAmerica's Leading Conservative Magazine

There is an outstanding candidate, a solid conservative, a constitutionalist, who is running.  And his name is Ben Sasse.  He’s a man I have great admiration for.

Mark LevinConstitutional Lawyer and a Nationally Syndicated Broadcaster

Based on my experience, I believe that Ben Sasse has the right policy background, a notable commitment to public service – and perhaps most importantly, the courage – to help renew our country.  In Ben, Nebraskans will see great breadth and depth of creative thinking, energy, and innovative approaches to our nation's difficulties.  Ben will not sit still.

Jeff FortenberryNebraska Congressman - 1st Congressional District

Ben Sasse needs to get to Washington. He has the chops to publicly prosecute the case against Obamacare. He has the ability to publicly make the case for free market alternatives.

Erick EricksonRedState.com

Ben Sasse is a strong constitutional conservative who understands the proper role of government, has great respect for our democratic institutions, and will fight to ensure that the people’s voice is heard in Washington.

Mike LeeUnited States Senator