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Meet Ben

Ben Sasse is a fifth-generation Nebraskan who fixes broken institutions.

When announced as president of the 130-year-old Midland University in 2009, Ben was 37, making him one of the youngest chief executives in American higher education. At the time, Midland was on the verge of closing. Since then, Ben's hometown college has been Nebraska's fastest-growing school four years in a row.

Ben regards the six summers he spent walking beans and detasseling corn as core lessons in the value of hard work...

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  • November 14, 2014
    WASHINGTON — Sen.-elect Ben Sasse hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but he’s already mastered the hallowed tradition of friendly sports wagers between politicians. The Nebraska Republican has been participating in this week’s orientation sessions on Capitol Hill for new members. Sasse was emailing with Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin about this...
  • November 05, 2014
    LINCOLN — The evolution of candidate Ben Sasse to Sen. Ben Sasse is underway. Sasse, the Republican and political rookie who will be Nebraska’s next U.S. senator, set the stage at his victory party Tuesday night for the challenges ahead. “I commit to be about the big challenges before us — for we do not have time now to be distracted by the...
  • November 05, 2014
    Ben Sasse soared Tuesday night to an overwhelming statewide victory, completing a rocket ride from political anonymity to the U.S. Senate in a year's time. Sasse, the 42-year-old president of Midland University in Fremont, swept aside generational challenges and geographical barriers in winning the seat now held by fellow Republican Sen. Mike...